Fees / Sessions

Consistent with our culture of treating families with respect and compassion, we are very confident that our families pay the lowest out of pocket child care fees in Cairns! We do this in a number of ways:

  • Multiple Child Care Subsidy (CCS) options (from half day to 11 hour sessions)

  • No set drop off and pick up times

  • Generous grace periods

  • Included extras such as music, language, sport and incursions

  • Swap days

  • Change bookings with up to 24 hours notice

  • Holiday discounts

In addition, our pricing and sessions, shown below, are designed to maximise the CCS you will be entitled to. The fees are shown before CCS is applied. Other than the HALF session and school care, there are no set times. Therefore, you can use the session hours whenever you like within our 12 hour day. For example, for the 10 hours session you can use any 10 hour period. 

We're confident that no other centre offers the flexibility that we provide our families!!

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